High Tea Matters – Painting Process

Finished this piece several days ago for a group I’m in! I was afraid that it wouldn’t turn out as I’d hoped because I haven’t painted anything in a while. At the end, I’m glad that it worked out though! I’m very satisfied with the outcome and surprised that I was able to pull through. He’s my character, Evarius Laedireil. A Prince-like elf with a charming and affable demeanor. Process/Step-by-step included!

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A dash of


Felt the sudden urge to whip up a new post due to the pandemic. This is a historically significant event, isn’t it? Which is why this post ought to be made right now, so that it’ll be part of that history.

I guess.

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Sketch: Aldric

I’m currently obsessing over Charlie Puth’s new track, “How Long”. It’s so catchy and beautiful! โค I can listen to it on repeat for weeks… Even the music video looks amazing! The aesthetic is to die for. Anyway, I sketched my OC Aldric while waiting for class a few weeks ago. I think I’ve improved a little ๐Ÿ™‚
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