Sketch: Aldric

I’m currently obsessing over Charlie Puth’s new track, “How Long”. It’s so catchy and beautiful! ❤ I can listen to it on repeat for weeks… Even the music video looks amazing! The aesthetic is to die for. Anyway, I sketched my OC Aldric while waiting for class a few weeks ago. I think I’ve improved a little 🙂
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Digital: Going Lineless

The painterly semi-realistic style has long piqued my interest. Beautiful, intricate, and expressive; its technique was something I never quite understood. For almost my entire-drawing-life, lines have played a vital role in depicting the things around me. Thus, it was difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. These are several practice paintings I’ve made in attempt to curb my fear.Read More »

Digital : In the Afternoon

Now it’s… complete 😀 Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita/Kiss.

This fanart is a gift for my sister 🙂 I got this printed out on an A4 photo paper and it looked really good T_T After printing and silently admiring the printout (poor thing), I finally saw the mistakes (especially in anatomy) that were quite obvious XD This was a great experience!

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