2020 Summary of Art

Did you hear that? 2020 is ending soon!

Kidding! 2020: Part 2 is coming to theaters near you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Amidst the never-ending sea of assignments, existential crisis, protests, and the death of my social life – drawing has played a vital role in raising my survivability rate. No, seriously, it does. Think about it, less stress = healthier body? I’ve heard some use art as a means of therapy. But I guess that in itself deserves a post of its own!

Anyway, since I’ve been spending more time at home – not like it was an option to begin with – I have more time to draw. Which led to my being completely taken by surprise once realization dawned upon me of how productive it’s been last year!

Behold, the first art summary meme.

Despite missing two months – January and July – I’m determined to fill all of the boxes with full illustrations next year!

I think the major turning point happened in August, where I tried to take things a step further and draw a full background. Since then, everything started to flow nicely on its own. But as you might have noticed, the art after August and October are simple sketches! Kind of like I’m recovering after having made full paintings 😂 It’s better than nothing, yes, but it could be better.

Aside from personal work, I was also able to complete some commissions this year – which I’m very thankful for! I’ve learned a lot from these experiences, and it was a very nice and fun experience working with them! Thank you for entrusting your lovely babies (read: OCs) ❤

With that said, I’m quite satisfied with how everything looks and am very much looking forward to see what the future has in store!

Thanks for all the love and support for all these years, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to share my work and connect with talented people ❤

Cheers to a better, positive 2021!

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