Heads – Getting There! (Attempt #3 and #4)

A little update on the heads! I remodeled them twice and learned a bit of UV mapping along the way ❤ Can’t wait to see how far I’ll go with this!

I haven’t even started modeling the body yet, but I bet it’d be super fun to texture! It’s just so satisfying to see the model all textured and pretty sobs

Back to serious mode!

I remodeled the head from scratch twice and tried to improve my technique little by little with every new remake. Watched a couple of modeling videos and took apart my favorite MMD models and tried them out. I think it turned out pretty good! Not entirely satisfied with it yet, but I’m starting to get the hang of things – it’s slowly getting closer to what I’m aiming for.

The other good thing I’ve discovered after making these heads is my odd facial proportions haha, the nose is always too long. Is this my subconscious’ attempt to make up for my own nose?— we’ll never know. At least now I know which area to be a little more wary of.

3rd Remake – First UV mapping test. Didn’t like the eyes and lips, but the nose was okay

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for long eyelashes. So naturally, I tried adding some to those poorly modeled eyelashes and voila! A big fat nope. 3D lashes are something I’ll definitely consider in the future, though.

Also I haven’t seen any UV mapping tutorials here, so everything was extremely unorganized LOL hence the blurry textures.

3rd Remake – Closeup

One thing that bothered me most here were the lips/mouth. I haven’t quite understood how to go about modeling it as I didn’t use references at that point, so it looked very strange.

The process was painfully slow, took about a whole day as I was still trying to figure things out.

Then I remade it (again) today.

4th Remake – Very unsatisfied with the cheeks– no — everything but the eyes!

As stated in the caption, I was incredibly unsatisfied with the overall facial proportion but the eyes. I watched a UV mapping tutorial before starting, so the textures didn’t turn out as blurry as before – plus I finally knew how to mark seams properly and organize the layouts better XD


Modeling wise, the lips turned out pretty good! Much better than the third remake as it now had ✨dimensions✨, but I wasn’t quite sure if I should separate it from the head or not… That’s something to think about later… Positioning wise, it could be better!

Didn’t like the cheeks one bit haha. Was about to fix it, but I ended up skewing everything (and texturing was the main priority here LOL), so I decided to leave it as is!

This took considerably lesser time compared to the previous one. I think it turned out pretty good for a fourth attempt? XD

4th Remake – Favorite part! Ignore the lower half /hit

Here’s hoping I can finish a model soon 😀

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