High Tea Matters – Painting Process

Finished this piece several days ago for a group I’m in! I was afraid that it wouldn’t turn out as I’d hoped because I haven’t painted anything in a while. At the end, I’m glad that it worked out though! I’m very satisfied with the outcome and surprised that I was able to pull through. He’s my character, Evarius Laedireil. A Prince-like elf with a charming and affable demeanor. Process/Step-by-step included!

The prompt for this “chapter” was High Tea Matters, hence the post title. The goal was to draw our characters donning a baroque-esque attire with the context being to design the outfit they would wear to participate in a baroque themed tea party.

And long story short, here’s the result! 🙂

The process video is right here:

I’ve been focusing more on drawing OCs and creating stories for them as opposed to doing fanart. But I’ll save this topic for another time 😀

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