Face Your Art

Art challenges have always been something I’ve struggled to keep up with. I used to think that those trends come and go at too fast a rate that I “never got the chance to participate” in them. But upon experiencing an epiphany a couple of days ago, I finally learned to acknowledge and accept my sluggish output rate. In doing so, I hope that that very aspect of mine will soon disperse — to put it simply, now that I have the guts to acknowledge it, I can finally move on and start improving.

Luckily, while some art challenges are quick to fade, some often resurface. These challenges usually return about once a year or so. Either it’s because some of them are just too fun to let go or the art community has somehow decided to make it part of their culture, I don’t know ~

One such challenge is called Face Your Art. The goal is to create a 3 x 3 square collage comprising of the faces of the characters you’ve drawn before. Most people will normally put their finished art for the sake of uniformity.

As some of you might know, I’m a pretty slow artist 😦 Sometimes I could finish an artwork within the span of a few hours, but most of the time it takes weeks if not months. Thankfully, the spare time that I’ve had within my hands since the beginning of this year has led me to discover several art related activities that could keep me busy: participating in groups, immersing myself in the world of OC creation, doing collaborations with artists from those groups and so on. It’s fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Because of those numerous activities, I started creating more finished pieces and doodles. That’s why, I was ecstatic the moment realization dawned on me that I finally have enough art to join this challenge.

I’m not quite sure if this challenge is limited to art that was created within the same year, or a vague “recently”. I chose the latter since they’re not too far a distance anyway. 2019 art is still kind of similar yet not so similar in terms of coloring and style with this year’s art.

Looking forward to improve more!

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