After 3-4 years of hard work, my computer (AIO) finally got an upgrade! Since switching to this beloved hand-me-down computer and slowly working through all sorts of assignments in it, its performance gradually worsened. Which isn’t exactly surprising, to say the least, given most consumer electronics’ planned obsolescence. So I began to search for alternatives; better hardware that could replace it so that I can work faster and more efficiently without having to deal with data loss and overheating.

However, being a student in the midst of a pandemic meant that such an idea was virtually impossible to realize. At least in the near future.

Furthermore, given my recent assignments –which proved to be much more resource-heavy for my computer than usual– the need to upgrade was unbearable. Without missing a beat, I swiftly began to surf the interwebs and discovered that — Thankfully, this device was upgradable!

As I browsed through the selection of computers and other peripherals listed in the marketplace app on my phone, I settled to purchase a small yet valuable piece of metal: RAM.

It turns out, I’ve been struggling to do all sorts of resource-heavy tasks; leaving many tabs open, using different kinds of apps like Clip Studio Paint, Illustrator, and everything else at the same time — with a 4GB RAM. So it comes as no surprise to hear my computer wailing in pain so frequently. Sometimes, its these very things that bring back the small, inconspicuous envy towards writers in me.

Regardless, I was very happy and slightly nervous once the RAM arrived in my doorstep. To keep it short, minutes after I opened up the small plastic box in which it was encased in, then installing it to my computer – it worked wonders!

Aside from the barely noticeable lag, I’ve noticed that much of its performance has improved. At first, I was slightly disappointed by its 8GB maximum RAM requirement, but the manufacturers definitely have their own reasons so everything’s peachy!

I know this sort of post shouldn’t have taken such a long time to write. I could just go on Twitter and say “Yay! Finally upgraded my RAM! #upgrade” (which I did. haha), but there’s something about blogging and sharing the whole context of a story, or sharing one’s thoughts in a clearer and more personal manner that a 150 word tweet can’t replace. Plus, it also helps me practice writing *wink wonk. Like killing two birds with one stone!

One shameless plug before I go: check out my socials! 🙂

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