A Productive Holiday – Commissions

A mini ramble about commissions and some art 🎶

It’s been forever since I last posted. Hmm, January? haha! I hope life goes well for you guys as well !

I recently participated in Art Fight (team nightmare!), an annual art-trading game that I recently discovered. When I signed up last year, the event had already started so I ended up becoming a spectator. So this year I started connecting with more artists and reviving my dead art accounts and it really opened my eyes about the endless possibilities of the things one can do with art. There’s an infinite sea of information, connections, and opportunities out there that I’ve come to realize recently, and that alone somehow excites me!

Now on to the primary focus of this blog, art! I spent a good chunk of my holidays working on art and refreshing my poor drawing skills after losing an entire semester’s worth of practice. I also decided to try taking commissions again to save up for a new desktop… and I learned a few valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have learned had I not opened them.

((Note to self: PLEASE please please please please p L e A s E, be careful and pay attention to the details! 😥 ))

Chibi bust icons for justverydragon on Toyhouse and Tiberis on Line PLAY (in order).

For more information and updates for future openings, check out my commission website or follow me on:

deviantART | daenoki

Instagram | daenoki

Twitter | daenokii

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