Better Alternatives | Ookurikara

Hey! July is almost coming to an end and I’m really excited to say that I’ve produced a generous amount of artworks ;_; That record-breaking productivity. Each time I look at something or talk to someone, my head would constantly be bombarded with ideas that it gets rather difficult to focus on the task at hand.

But only 3% of them managed to get translated into drawings. Haha.

Well, everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?

This is a little drawing of Ookurikara from Touken Ranbu. From time to time I’d remind myself to focus on original works, but my hands kept begging for fanart instead. So for the one hundredth (or more) time, I gave in. Thus, this piece was born.

大倶利伽羅(刀剣乱舞)- Ookurikara (Touken Ranbu)
Krita, Medibang, Snapseed
5hrs (2.5hrs per day)
A4 300dpi (3508 x 2840)


Referring to the title “better alternatives”, I’ve been using free and/or open source software lately due to certain compatibility issues with my go-to applications such as SAI2, Premiere, Illustrator, and recently, Photoshop. I had to search for alternatives because my deadlines were nearing and my attempts to repair them were futile once I discovered the culprit behind the mass-malfunction being the recent windows update.

I’m well aware that I could simply revert to the previous version, but I didn’t want to take risks so I went to look for their “free” counterparts.

Up till now, it’s been going surprisingly well. I can finally use Krita without the painstaking lag, and I got used to Medibang after multiple uses. For design work, I’m switching to Inkscape, which turns out to be just as powerful as Illustrator (from my perspective, a beginner in vector-based applications)! For recording and streaming, I’m using Streamlabs OBS and ShareX, both are open source and completely free. For coding and game development, I use Atom and Ren’py (and steam, which is freemium).

In short, don’t underestimate free and/or open source software ❤

Last but not least, a speedpaint is in the works for this piece so stay tuned~

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