I gladly announce that this semester has finally ended. I don’t know how well I fared this time but I predict it’s not the best. Anyway, during the last days of the semester I noticed a significant regression in my drawings which meant I desperately needed to practice before I completely forget how to draw (haha). However, since my hands were full that time, I decided to postpone it until the holidays.

Which is today!

To start off, I drew a plain comfort zone sketch (headshot) of Izuminokami Kanesada after getting influenced by Katsugeki Touken Ranbu the other day (It’s really cool, please watch it you’re not gonna regret it). Then colored it the next day.

Here’s a little screenshot of my progress so far:


The goal here was just to warm up and try out new techniques, but I can’t help notice the odd facial proportions. It’s almost as if it were a “signature” in my other drawings.

I’m more than eager to repair that oddity! haha.

Enjoy 🙂

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