Starting A New Project! – VN:Intro

During the past few days, me and my friends have been working slowly on our new project. It’s a simple visual novel design with a rather interesting story. It started out with my friend’s idea for a story she never got to write.

Anyway, we’re working on it now! I’d love to share more details regarding the project, however since I haven’t asked for proper permission  to publicize bits of it here, I’ll save it for another day 🙂

Moving on, while working on our project, I felt a huge rush of inspiration to work on my own visual novel as a way to test my skills and (probably) commitment! 🙂 the original idea and story for this one was an AU of my favorite manga, Vampire Knight. However, I realized that perhaps dedicating my time to develop my own universe seemed much more rewarding instead of reusing an existing idea.

This project is called “Intro” due to the filename of the story. Its main genre will be Mystery, but I plan to try delving into drama and angst along the way. I’m going to share progresses of this “Intro” project for the time being as I work on the other project with my friends. 🙂

See you soon.

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