In order to curb the growing dissatisfaction with my own work mentioned in last month’s post, I’m currently developing a new style that puts a significant emphasis on soft, subtle strokes as well as anatomy. Facial lighting is starting to come along nicely, and my overall workflow when doing studies have improved!

Here’s the first study, referenced from three different pictures.


I realized that I needed to move forward with my artworks, so I temporarily paused my previous obsession/fascination of the ikemen/bishounen type characters for something a little more ‘muscular’ and ‘macho’, haha!

I could say this a million times and never get bored, thank you. Thank you for and sticking with me through these years. If it weren’t for your constant support, I’d never have enough motivation to keep on drawing, and I know for sure that I definitely won’t move forward.

Once again, thank you!

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