WIP: Character Design (and a handy piece of software!)

Hello again 🙂 Squeezing some time to write a new post so this blog won’t be “too dead”. I’ve got tons of projects to complete (both personal and schoolwork) at the moment thus I’m extremely confused on how to go about managing my time for them! 😀 But, after some time I’m beginning to get the hang of things 🙂 Which feels great!

This is one of my projects that falls somewhere between personal and schoolwork, a character design, scratch that, a mascot design. 2 weeks ago my lecturer told me and several students to participate in this contest that was being held by a certain logistics/courier/delivery whatever company. Knowing this, I got very surprised and realized what little I know about character design and, more specifically, the “cute/kawaii” style. For almost my entire drawing years, I’ve always revolved around manga and, until recently, realism. Thus, my knowledge of the kawaii style was near non-existent and as a result, working on this was really tough!

I was supposed to submit the design on the 11th along with my classmates but due to lack of progress in my part, I had to postpone it. Sadly enough, no inspiration whatsoever came to mind regardless of the copious artists whose works I’ve examined.

After dabbling into a few test designs, I settled with the idea that me and my family came up with. It’s a rather interesting concept without robotic mechanics and such; so I jumped straight into it. I’m using SAI2 for the most part.

Here’s a progress pic of it right now. Just a little peek 🙂


I’ve used CamStudio to record my progress for almost 2 years. However, after upgrading to a newer device, it stopped working properly so I had to look for alternatives. I’ve come across countless of them, but none of them reached my expectations; high quality but small file size. All of that changed when I visited sourceforge again and found this nifty piece of software that could record and capture your screen, all without having to spend a dime. This little open-source software is called “ShareX”. It’s a great alternative to CamStudio, and it was initially developed for power users and developers.

It’s packed with tons of good features, I couldn’t believe it was free.

You can download it from SourceForge or their Official Website here, enjoy! 🙂

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