Class Work: Fruits

Ever since I entered this brand new academic environment called college, I’ve met plenty of interesting people of varying culture and personalities. I’ve interacted with more people compared to my high school days, and (also) have since learned more things that revolve around the one subject that I’ve always loved: drawing.

I sincerely apologize if my previous sentence puzzled you. I myself am not quite certain of how to elaborate it. To put it simply, I’ve learned many new things both in socializing and art.

During my days in college, I’ve had very little time to draw for my personal enjoyment as more and more assignments piled up. They’ve prevented me from having fun and took up most of my weekend. However, with each and every completed assignment, I’d often reassure myself that all of this is worth it and that I might learn something valuable from these.

Such is the case with these two classes. The first one serves to sharpen our composition skills as the “bare bones” of design; the other enhances our observational skills by drawing from life. Throughout my entire drawing years, I rarely took the time to do still life studies, so this class really pushed my limits.

This piece was created during Illustration class, where we had to draw some fruits (real ones) onto our A3-sized papers.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m testing a new watermark here 😀 The small red box, inspired by traditional Chinese seals. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did drawing it 🙂

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