WIP: Sara. (And some life update!)

Hello! It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Life is currently taking a major turn, thus I had no time to draw; and I was shocked when I remembered that I haven’t posted a single post last month! (Normally I’d leave a single post each month if I’m unable to update often~)

Now that I’m back, (then I’ll probably/most-likely leave again sorry;;) I practiced again by doing warm up gesture sketches — and I must admit my skills have deteriorated considerably. So I have much to catch up on;;

Here is my current work in progress using SAI2, Sara Shirabuki from Vampire Knight. I have no idea how to draw wavy hair/curls(?) and I’d like to achieve a lineless look this time so this will be quite a challenge!


I’ll upload Kaname’s process gif around this month (I apologize for slacking off with this one :'[ ), and more wip shots of the Contest entry (whose deadline has been extended to September!) 😀 Stay tuned 😀

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