Digital : In the Afternoon

Now it’s… complete 😀 Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita/Kiss.

This fanart is a gift for my sister 🙂 I got this printed out on an A4 photo paper and it looked really good T_T After printing and silently admiring the printout (poor thing), I finally saw the mistakes (especially in anatomy) that were quite obvious XD This was a great experience!

check my insta? @daenoki 🙂

I tried a method called thumbnailing for this piece and another which is an entry for a contest I’m joining on Instagram. Overall, I’m very happy with the result. Cause this way the drawings won’t look too bad when zoomed out 😀

The lighting in this piece is not realistic at all! I won’t use style as an excuse, I’d say this is due to my fear of screwing up the piece 😀 Still gotta fix that.

Slowly but surely overcoming my fear of drawing backgrounds and hands. Then lighting, composition, perspective… wait… everything? xD

★ Materials:

  • Texture by Sirius-sdz on deviantART
  • Paper textures by blammogirl on deviantART

Time: 5 days


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