Digital: Kuran Kaname

Finished at last! I erased a sentence from my previous post (haha) so it won’t cause a conflict with this post. 😀 Here’s the Ancestor of the Kuran family, Kaname Kuran.

Everything was drawn digitally. Working on this piece felt so smooth that I never thought of scrapping this up midway. I guess digital art is fun after all. 😀

check my insta? @daenoki 🙂

Last February I played with watercolors, this month with digital art, what about June?~ Stay tuned 🙂

Played with different mediums this year, very refreshing! 😀

This drawing is 1748 x 1748 pixels and was drawn in Paint Tool SAI and edited in Photoshop CS5.

★ Materials:

  • Texture by Sirius-sdz on deviantART
  • Rose PNGs by Tigers-stock on deviantART

Time: 1 week


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