WIP: Moon Dorm’s President

After finishing the fanart of Rakugetsu that I uploaded a few days ago, I immediately started a new drawing! 😀 I think I’m starting to understand how exciting digital art is. More details and further information under the cut.

check my insta? @daenoki 🙂

This time it’s Kuran Kaname from the anime/manga Vampire Knight. The initial sketch was done digitally like the Rakugetsu fanart, and is currently in the coloring phase. I’ve saved progress pictures of this one and may upload them here into a gif, then into instagram as a video 😀

As for the Rakugetsu process gif, I’ll be uploading it in the next update.

Due to my personal “dislike” towards the way I draw lips, I erased the lip lineart and decided to paint it in instead.

About the fangame,

Unfortunately, due to the current cyber-attack, I’m unable to practice Unity (due to my heavy reliance to online tutorials). During this attack, I’m forcing myself to create the rough concept sketches of the game. (as a means of procrastination, but in a good way).

This marks the end of the post, thank you 🙂


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