Sketch: Comfort…?

Yuki (the darker shaded thing) and Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

January 2017, A4 Paper with mechanical pencils! I’m practicing to get better at drawing hands in hopes that it’ll improve my anatomy skills, so… expect more hands?


..And an OC I created on 6th Dec. I’ll write his bio here someday 🙂 *his eyes are not red


My family said that my character drawings often look sad or seem though they’re thinking; can’t deny that.

Oh and I finally hit 40+ followers on Instagram! I’m super pumpedddd! I’ve been there since 2015 (with this username) and started using it seriously around 2016! Thank you very much for all the support!

This month I’m playing around with watercolors. I know I should be focusing on the upcoming exams but… well I’ll get there… In the meantime, I’ll share my watercolor practices here soon, hope you guys like it 🙂

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