WIP: Getting back onto w/c

Hello! A few days ago I started playing with my watercolors again. I decided to use them as a means to get rid of an art block that was well on its way to cease my motivation to draw.

And who am I to say that the Jiroutachi phase has passed? It looks like it will keep happening until a new favorite character comes to mind. (sweatdrops)

It’s coming along nicely! The outcome is surprisingly good. This picture, however, was taken under a warm colored study lamp D: Therefore, the colors may differ from reality, but it’s still good! Trust me :’>

Previously, the base colors were added (like a failure waiting to happen) the palette was rather strange, and I wasn’t sure how to go about finishing it, so I dropped it for a few days whilst searching for more tutorials.

Then a tutorial I read on deviantART reminded me about the Wet-on-Dry technique. Of course! All that time I only did the Wet-on-Wet technique, it was due to lack of knowledge 😀

In short,

Add the base colors using the wet-on-wet technique, the one where you wet the paper then dab colors on it with a wet brush. This will help you determine the mood/setting of the painting.

Then the wet-on-dry, the one where you paint over a dry paper with a colored wet/damp brush. This one is used for rendering and to add distinctive colors.

*loaded: has color

This is Jiroutachi, a sword from the popular online strategy game Touken Ranbu.

I’ll be off to re-do the digital Jiro portrait!

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