That webtoon called Noblesse

I know this post has nothing to do with art, but I had to write about it because it was too cool.

The hit webtoon Noblesse got animated and I have to say the animation is super impressive. It’s produced by the same studio from Psycho-Pass (that I never watched, but have seen bits of it), the animation had Psycho-Pass vibes.

I got into webtoons around 2015-2014 ish. Since it was getting popular at that time, I gave it a go. That was the first time I heard about Noblesse.

Sadly, I only read a few chapters. Even though the story was indeed interesting, I didn’t have the dedication to follow the story. It’s not the webtoon’s fault, it was mine.

Then yesterday, I was more than surprised when I saw YouTube’s front page, on the recently uploaded section or something like that, a video called Noblesse: Awakening animation. With a picture of the main character, a black haired vampire named Rai.

Because I was curious and I haven’t heard about that webtoon for some time, I watched it.

It ran for 30 minutes and it has English subtitles. From the webtoon, I only remembered the first part when the main character, Rai, woke up and went to school then discovered ramen. That’s it.

Upon watching it, the characters looked interesting and it’s like a mix of Vampire Knight and Hellsing. Rai had some resemblance to Vampire Knight’s Kaname. It was not hard for me to keep watching since I kept imagining what would happen if those two met.

I jokingly thought it was Vampire Knight reborn, with better graphics and less-romantic storyline.

Why does it remind me of Hellsing? It has plenty of gore, and when the vampire eats, it’s animal-like.

Even though this will be the only episode released, I’m glad that the animation has saved me from reading up to 40 chapters.

The only thing I dislike is the background music. Some parts of them just didn’t seem to fit the ongoing scene.

I’ll just end this post before I ramble any further by saying that it was pleasing to the eyes (animation wise) and I highly recommend it. Anyone will be able to enjoy it.

Noblesse: Awakening OVA Promotion

To each his own.



I’m not implying that Noblesse is unoriginal. It’s unique in every way, and it’s plot as well as the characters is deserving of 2 billion page views. Please look forward to the show, as criticizing the characters/plot is not my intention.

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