An Easier Way To Draw Poses

I think it’s time for me to update again. Happy 4th of July?

To me, gesture drawing has always been a rather difficult subject to tackle. I’m unsure whether if it’s my lack of motivation or the dreadful feeling of not being able to get it ‘right’ or ‘perfect’.

Even after drawing a mere 25+ gestures, I am still unable to create my own poses!

Do I have to master gesture drawing first? I really want to start drawing cool poses without having to practice for long hours!

Well if you’ve got the imagination and the tools, we’re going to cheat a little. (!)

I’m going to share with you a nifty software to assist you in pose creation with a software called DesignDoll.

(!) It’s best to start gesture drawing practice first to build a visual library in your head so that you can get a better understanding of how poses/the body works before trying to create your own. Real life observation also helps.

I believe that this program would be a better alternative than the one I posted before (that uses MikuMikuDance)

It’s straightforward, beautiful, and last but not least, free.*

*)A pro version is available.

According to their website, DesignDoll is “your personalized sketch doll”.

With it, you are able to pose and customize 3D models. It can be useful for artists who are stuck in a certain pose, or would like to find other possible angles to make their work more appealing with the camera manipulation feature.

The free version offers enough features for it to still become usable, and it does not come with sneaky toolbars or malicious ads. However, if you wish to access the full features whilst supporting the developers, you can purchase the full version for $79.

The learning curve is not steep and new users can instantly learn how to use it with just a few clicks. If you are still confused, the official website has Tutorials.

When you start the program, you will be presented with a genderless/female anime-esque 3D model that you can modify and pose to your liking . If you prefer posing a different model, it is possible to import models from different programs. But since I have not tried this feature, no screenshot is provided.

The free version has some limitations.

  • You will not be able to load dolls that you’ve downloaded from Doll-Atelier.
  • You cannot save your poses.
  • You cannot save OBJ files for export to other programs.

Head to their official website and try it out! 


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Thank you for reading and may this tool be of good use to you 🙂

deviantART | Instagram

[originally posted in July 4, 2015]
[rewritten April 20, 2016]

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