I’m starting to get the hang of digital art. I got my tablet around 2013 for my birthday, but I only started using it seriously in the end of 2014. Finally got a proper understanding of SAI’s tools, sort of.

Anyways, I finished the Ren ‘head’ from the previous post! Ahaha, I forgot (was too lazy) to record the process when coloring, so I’m unable to continue the speedpaint video. So sorry!

Hmm, details details

1. I’m happy that I finally finished it.

2. His head looks odd.

What matters is that it’s done. XD It’s sort of rushed and all, but I’ll try to take more time (and not abandon them). The coloring is an experiment! Since I’m aiming for a painterly-semirealistic-anime style, I blended the colors with the water tool :p

I could add a list of dislikes here, but I figure it would be annoying and unnecessary XD Which is why I shall leave this as is! It’ll be archived 😀

3 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Uh, thanks before for follow me. Nice to meet you!

    Your arts so nice ;_; Are you really just recently use digital art…? Some good coloring you did there!

    • Hngg no problem .u. It’s hard to find art blogs here, XD Nice to meet you too! 😀
      eeee thank you (/ω\) glad you like it.. Your arts are way cooler! Hmm, I’m not so sure.. I had my tablet for a while but started to use it more often just a few months ago. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Yeah art blog in wordpress is pretty rare after all :”DD
    Naaah mine still have a long way to go ;u; Keep using tablet! You have potential after all!! />u</

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