New Video

Hey thereee, long time no post eh? (is that even correct) Umm, so I’ve been on AA for 38 days and, like I’ve stated countless times, I’m very happy to be in that welcoming community. I browse the “latest/most recent” posts a lot and I’ve seen several users upload their speed-paint videos and host (A livestream of some sort) So then I figured, “What if I make my own?”. But since hosting a would expose the world out there to the stuff in your PC, I chose to do a recording instead. (and to make good use of this internet connection lol) Yesterday I recorded myself coloring a “lineart” of yet another head that I drew of yet again Ren, it was an unplanned recording! So I was actually practicing a new coloring style.. Oh, and the first part was very slow. This is because I’m not yet used to SAI and it’s features yet.. (Aside from the shortcuts, which I’m slowly working on) Please bear with me.

Honestly, I’m a tad bit embarrassed of this.. But, well, here it is.. The next part shall be recorded soon. (hopefully) 😀

Note to self: Try to get out of your comfort zone and draw the torso (not just a floating head) XD

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