Re-Draw: 2012 to 2015

I was going through my old sketchbooks and I tried to find the book where I first started learning to draw manga. But I couldn’t find it, cause it was older than 2012, and I was less organized. Instead I found this book that I filled with random doodles that dated back to 2012 (lol do I even need to say that again) The first time I entered Junior High School.

The book was filled with school stuff and doodles of a character that I really liked (back then), it was a utauloid named Taya~ UTAU is a voice-synthesizing program like Vocaloid, but it’s free and fan made.

I tend to draw the same character over and over until I think I get it right, so that’s pretty much why the book is mostly filled with his sketches.

Every time I look back at my old drawings, it makes me feel very happy to see how far I’ve progressed. I find it to be quite motivating XD The same also applies whenever I see others’ improvement memes on DeviantART.

Posted on AA too 😀 XD Taken with VSCOcam and the X1 filter (to make the blacks ‘pop’ and make the picture clearer) then added the text with NoCrop :3 Ohhh I forgot, read more about the character here~

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