Wheee~& WIP

Oh oh oh, hello everyone! It’s 7PM here, I’m currently typing with fingers that ache with every key I press :<

So, today’s topic is: the past ;u;

and mi current wips lel


I’ve been thinking about ways to get whatever I write or make known by people.

It’s kinda annoying to me, since I turn to think about it too much (and try too hard). That I became quite negative and stuff, like, pessimistic and hopeless for no reason at all. Back then, when I started a drawing, I do so because I felt like it. I draw.. as a way to procrastinate have fun or practice. I didn’t really care whether people would leave a comment or not. I took photographs and posted them in my old blog and I didn’t even care if people ever visited/whatever.

And now when I look at those moments, they look …. won…der…ful? ouo”

Because I wanna do that again, I’d love to post my stuff without having to think, “will people like this? will they comment on it?” No no no. Being self-conscious on the net is ridiculous lol.

/slaps self

this deepness is getting out of hand.

Sorry. Now, moving on~

I made drew this for Ren’s birthday/Valentines Day :3 I haven’t finished them, that’s why they’re called WIPs, right? 😛 XD

used a stick figure for once 😀 😀 xdddddd

First wip is him.

that black spot tho, not even sorry

I’m unable to draw his eyes properly, but that’s that. Hoho!


Next is Toki, who most of the utapri fans seem to adore.

tokehI might not ever finish toki because

how does his hair even

but his face looks fine to me, idk what’ll happen if i color it.

That’s all for tonight- oh! I forgot to watermark some images–ah never mind, I’m sure






Aaaand that concludes tonight’s post! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! I’ll try to post regularly, lel.


[np – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone]

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